A Divided America?
1) There are those who desire to live in a society in which Christian liberty and limited self-government emphasize moral absolutes, personal responsibility and the sanctity of the family unit.
2) Others prefer to overlook our Christian roots and desire to live in a system that emphasizes universal conformity to rational-humanistic ideologies shaped by an expanding center that would attempt to control fairness for all. Of course there are those who prefer to sit on the fence.
I agree with the former 205 87%
I agree with the latter 25 10%
I'll move with the majority 4 1%
Whatever your position, please answer this final statement honestly. "Our diferences are irreconcilable"
I agree. One of us needs to move out and find a new home 183 80%
I disagree. One of us should give in so that we can stay together. 22 9%
I'm unsure. Can't we all just get along? 21 9%

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